Lloyd Webber

The phantom among the musical composers has struck again -- Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest piece is being shown in Washington, D.C. "Whistle Down the Wind" tells the story of children who discover a fugitive criminal in a barn. They mistake him for Jesus Christ -- a character who 25 years ago provided Lloyd-Webber with a heavenly position in the music business. The musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" brought him international fame at age 23. Since then, productions of "Cats," "Starlight Express," and "The Phantom of the Opera" have been played in sold-out houses worldwide, bringing his estate up to 450 million dollars. The producers of "Whistle Down the Wind," however, don't want to make too many waves about the new musical. Members of the press were only invited to a so-called "official premiere" one week after the real premiere (Dec. 6). Their caution went so far that only Washington-based media were provided with press tickets -- and those gave "Whistle Down the Wind" a very bad write-up. Our reporter Georg Hirsch spent $ 75 on a ticket for the real premiere to lift the mystery.

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