Bugs Bunny

Placido Domingo sings, and he conducts. Playing the piano is more like a hobby for him. Daniel Barenboim conducts, and he plays the piano, but he only sings in the bath tub. Billy Joel plays the piano and sings, but he is a pop musician, anyway. What humans fail to accomplish -- excelling in three musical disciplines -- is a piece of cake for a smart gray rabbit. For more than 50 years, Bugs Bunny has combined his musical talents to introduce generations of young Americans to classical music. He performs virtuoso pieces by Franz Liszt on the piano, he conducts music by Franz von Suppé and belts out arias by Richard Wagner. Whenever Bunny and his fellow animals are not playing music, they lead the lives of middle-of-the-road cartoon characters -- running, huffing and puffing, and throwing sticks of dynamite. An orchestra in the United States is utilizing the long-standing popularity of the cartoon classic. The Warner Brothers Orchestra tours American concert halls, performing the soundtracks of old cartoons live while Bugs Bunny & friends are zooming across the screen. So far, only American audiences have been able to enjoy the show called "Bugs Bunny on Broadway," but its debut in Germany seems not too far. Georg Hirsch has already seen a performance in Chicago.

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