Domingo Evaluation

"The Domingo Era begins" -- with these words, the Washington Opera proudly announced Placido Domingo's first season as artistic director. This was a year ago. Since then, the star tenor has brought a boom to the opera house. In the past, the majority of performers were young singers on their way up, but now, the Washington Opera attracts top stars, and Domingo himself is regularly on stage. The coming season, which begins in November, is virtually sold out, and yet, there are skeptical voices. Big names are not always a guarantee for high quality, and it is said that Domingo is too often on the road to fill his job, according to a report of the German press agency dpa. On the other hand, the author of the report admits that few people have openly criticized the artistic director. Is criticism against Placido Domingo blasphemy? Not necessarily. Georg Hirsch has asked his supporters as well as professional heretics.

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