Classical Music for Dummies

If you live in America, you need three things to succeed -- business savvy, computer knowledge, and -- a classical education. There are already enough well-trained specialists who know nothing but their trade, but he who stands out with a refined taste for culture will impress his colleagues, opening the door for lucrative jobs. But who in the world has studied Latin, philosophy or classical music in school? Those who are illiterate in classical music have new hope -- as long as their computer is sufficiently equipped. A new series of CD ROM's offers a multimedia crash course, funneling all there is to know even into the brains of seemingly hopeless candidates. Mozart's "Kleine Nachtmusik" and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony are accompanied by pretty pictures and cool comments. Americans yearning for education are invited to absorb the knowledge, mouse click by mouse click. The CD ROMs bear titles that take away any fears of classical music -- "Beethoven for Dummies," "Mozart for Dummies," "Wagner for Dummies," and one that features several composers is called "Classical Music for Dummies." There is a chance that the Dummy series will enter the German market this coming fall. Georg Hirsch posed as a dummy and tried it out.

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