Ensemble for Early Music

Places with cloisters and castles attract tourists, and naturally, they are also home to ensembles devoted to pre-Baroque music. But what about a continent that 700 years ago was almost exclusively inhabited by indigenous people? In that particular continent, the musicians are sometimes struggling to adjust to their environment. The New York Ensemble for Early Music has to choose between a fake Gothic cathedral in a dangerous neighborhood, or a concert hall with acoustics that don't do justice to medieval instruments. Outside their own territory, the musicians have better choices. Being a leading ensemble for medieval music, they have toured Southern and Eastern Europe, Israel, Australia, and Hong Kong. Now their debut in Germany is coming up. The Ensemble for Early Music is performing at a festival for Medieval music called "Tage Alter Musik," which takes place in the city of Regensburg from May 16 to 18. Georg Hirsch met the New York-based ensemble on their own turf.

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