Frances Gershwin Godowsky

Everybody knows George Gershwin, the composer of the Rhapsody in Blue. Experts are familiar with Ira Gershwin. He wrote the lyrics to many songs that his brother georg had composed. However, only insiders are aware that they had a sister who also had artistic talents. Frances was the first Gershwin sibling to make money when she was a six-year-old singer and dancer. As she grew up, she supported georg by performing his songs. Her tender voice caught composer Cole Porter's attention who hired her for a show in Paris. After marrying the son of a famous pianist, she became a housewife and mother, but she never lost her love for the arts. She discovered her talent as a painter, and today, her paintings decorate her elegant apartment in New York. Georg Hirsch visited Frances Gershwin Godowsky and dug out a recording with her singing.

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