Indianapolis Orchestra

Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Philadelphia are traditionally considered the home cities of the top five American orchestras. But what about Indianapolis? Well, that's a place for sports. This city of 700,000, located in the American Midwest, is famous for its 500-mile car races, and its baseball and basketball teams are also highly respectable. Indianapolis is also notable for a company that produces Insulin for the rest of the world. All this doesn't make the city look like a cultural Mecca, and yet -- the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has quietly conquered a high position among American orchestras. Their success is achieved by quality musicianship instead of noisy marketing, according to the orchestra's musicians and management. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will present itself to German audiences over the next few days. The orchestra from the American heartland is visiting Stuttgart on October 26, Cologne on the 29th, and Berlin on October 30th. Georg Hirsch visited the orchestra in Indianapolis.

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