Brahms from Iowa

The music of Johannes Brahms is in the air. The centennial of his death is coming up (April 3rd), and everything the German Romantic composer ever wrote is played in concerts -- that is, almost everything. Some of his works are considered to be lost. Thanks to a young pianist's initiative, one of these works was recently rediscovered.

Uriel Tsachor, who was born in Bombay in 1958 and grew up in Tel Aviv, found the Scherzo from Robert Schumann's Piano Quintet in a transcription for piano solo. It had been written by Johannes Brahms who dedicated it to Schumann's wife Clara for her 35th birthday. Tsachor not only learned the piece, he also transcribed the other three movements of Schumann's quintet. The joint work by Brahms and Tsacahor was recently recorded. A search for the creative pianist led to the rural American state of Iowa, where Tsachor is a professor of piano. Georg Hirsch paid him a visit in Iowa.

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