Ottmar Liebert

The distinction between so-called serious music and so-called entertainment music has become a mere formality. Three opera tenors can be found on top of the pop charts while jazz singer Bobby McFerrin conducts classical orchestras. The latest newcomer to the world of classical music is flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert. Sony announces his new CD "Leaning Into the Night" as his first entry into classical music. Liebert is used to living inbetween worlds. He was born 37 years ago in Cologne to a German-Chinese father and a Hungarian mother. After finishing school, he traveled to Russia and several Asian countries, and at age 20 he emigrated to the United States, making his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Living in the Southwest has greatly influenced his music, which leans heavily on the acoustic guitar. However, he also likes synthesizers and classical orchestras. His CD "Leaning Into the Night" will be released September 2. Georg Hirsch listened to the music and spoke with Ottmar Liebert.

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