Opera Orchestra, Feature for DLR

This is an intermission feature for a live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera.

A matinee at the Metropolitan Opera delights the lucky ones who are able to get tickets. They witness an event that is broadcast live all over North America and frequently to DeutschlandRadio Berlin as well. Renowned opera experts meet for a quiz during the intermissions, and the names of the singers the Met affords are an additional attraction. However, opera can also create a run on tickets when set in a more modest frame. For the past 26 years, fans have lined up for tickets when the Opera Orchestra of New York gives one of its concert performances of opera. The costumes are unspectacular, and there is no stage ambiance at all. The lack of props forces the singers to completely focus on their artistic expression, and this concept has helped music director Eve Queler attract world famous stars like Placido Domingo or Montserrat Caballé. Performances take place at Carnegie Hall, and lesser-known operas fare particularly well as no pompous scenery distracts from the music itself. Georg Hirsch has more about the New York Opera Orchestra.

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