Gone are the times when the opera was an exclusive domain of the white elite. In America, several operas by black composers have been played over the past 20 years, and now there is another minority claiming its stakes -- since 1995, there have been six world premieres of operas that deal with American Indians. Last weekend (Saturday, March 7), there was a breakthrough in Kansas City. For the first time, an opera featuring American Indians was premiered that used a complete orchestra and was long enough to fill a whole evening. "Coyote Tales" is the name of the new work by American composer Henry Mollicone. It tells the story of a coyote and is based on sagas by five different Indian tribes. In preparation for "Coyote Tales," the Lyric Opera of Kansas City held a Pow Wow and several workshops about the culture of American Indians. However, it's not really an American Indian opera, as Georg Hirsch reports.

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