Detroit Symphony

An orchestra with world fame for its recordings is coming to Germany (Hamburg May 7, Frankfurt May 10, Berlin May 11, Cologne May 13, Stuttgart May 14). The Detroit Symphony Orchestra produces several CDs every year, several of which have won Grammy Awards. Besides their international reputation, the orchestra stands out for its social sensitivity. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has been an integral player in the cultural and economic rebirth of a city that many had written off as a ghost town. For several decades, America's motor city made headlines only with its high crime rate and decaying of buildings. Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors were struggling in their competition with Japanese economy cars, and the wealthy of Detroit had fled the city to relocate in the suburbs. More recently, however, leaders of politics, industry and even cultural institutions have rolled up their sleeves to stem the tide. In their joint efforts, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra demonstrates how culture not only benefits from a strong economy but can also promote that same economy. Georg Hirsch has the story.

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