David Gockley

Innovation or marketing noise? The Houston Grand Opera has announced that a new production of Bizet's "Carmen" will become one of the most exciting events of recent opera history. It will be played in an outdoors arena while huge screens are displaying the plot, video clips, pictures and other illustrations. Michele Assaf is the stage director. She already made a name for herself with the production of rock concerts, and like in a rock concert, Carmen, Don Rose and their colleagues will be equipped with headsets and microphones. The goal is to popularize the opera. Tens of thousands of people are invited to see standard repertory at affordable prices, and General Director David Gockley is planning to present similar projects in the future. With help of generous sponsors, he hopes to put out opera's perennial favorites as entertainment for the masses. Furthermore, Multimedia Carmen is expected to tour other cities. Georg Hirsch spoke with David Gockley.

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