Classical Music for Babies

More milk with Mozart -- thus goes the saying among smart farmers. They keep their cows entertained with the sound of classical music, because -- as science has it -- that sound stimulates the glands of female cattle. What is good for cow udders must be helpful for little baby brains, says the governor of the American state of Georgia. Zell Miller has just begun to provide every newborn baby in Georgia with classical music, because classical music -- as the scientists have also found out -- increases the intelligence of young children. Every mother of a newborn can choose whether she prefers to take a cassette or a CD from the hospital. Miller has a record of signing laws to improve the school system. In his civil job, the governor is a history professor, and by giving classical music to Georgia's babies, he may go down in history as the governor of education. Miller is 66 years old, and his term ends early in 1999. Until then, his noble cause is secured. Whether it will be continued beyond his term depends on Miller's successor, and also on reliable transportation that gets the cassettes to the babies. Every year, 100,000 new babies are born in Georgia. Georg Hirsch tasted the classical baby formula and spoke with the governor.

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