Opera Orchestra NY

Those who get tickets for a Metropolitan Opera Matinee get into a party mood. They witness an event that is broadcast on the radio all over North America and, in many cases, to Germany via ARD member stations. During the intermissions, renowned opera experts meet for a quiz show. Another attraction, of course, are the names of the singers that the Met can afford. However, there is another opera company that works with far more modest means, and they, too, create a run on tickets. For 26 years, the Opera Orchestra of New York has attracted dedicated fans with its concert performances at Carnegie Hall. The props are modest, and there is no stage scenery at all. The lack of decoration, however, forces the artists to completely focus on their artistic expression. Music director Eve Queler has been able to hire world famous stars like Placido Domingo or Montserat Caballier who were thrilled by the challenge. On the other hand, it is the lesser-known repertory that seem to thrive in concert performances, as no lush scenery distracts the audience from the music. Georg Hirsch spoke with Eve Queler, the founder and music director of the Opera Orchestra of New York.

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