Red Violin

Famous composers and other outstanding musicians have been often been the heroes of music movies. This time, an instrument is the hero. In a few days (November 1998), "The Red Violin" is coming to German movie theaters. It tells the story of a concert violin that travels through three centuries and three continents. The movie was produced by a Toronto-based company with only eleven employees, but this company has caught attention in the past -- for instance, with 32 short films about Glen Gould. However, things have changed. While the profile of the Canadian pianist was made on a low budget, targeting inveterate music fans, "The Red Violin" is aimed at a mass audience. Therefore, the company called Rhombus strong financial support from outside. They filmed in cooperation with a studio in Hollywood, and the record label Sony Classical made two musicians available who play an important part behind the scenes. In addition, they hired John Corigliano, one of the must successful living composers in America. Georg Hirsch checked "The Red Violin" out.

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