A.A. Meyers

Her path of life so far looks like that of many young star violinists -- she took her first lesson at age four, made her debut with an orchestra at age seven, went through the hands of several famous violin teachers, and at age 28, she has toured four continents. Anne Akiko Meyers, who has an American father and a Japanese mother, flies within a few weeks from Baltimore to Bilbao, from Valencia to Los Angeles, and from there to Amsterdam. Like some other female violinists, she makes photographers' hearts beat faster. Periodicals that have published stories about her include the board magazine of an American air line that put her picture on page one. Beyond this, she is a serious musician who spends thoughts on contemporary music, or on the sense and nonsense of various marketing strategies. She is currently touring Europe with her pianist Li Jian, and in between appearances in Madrid and Amsterdam, she is making a swing to Steinfurt near Muenster on March 11. Georg Hirsch met with her a few weeks ago in America and found an open-minded interview partner.

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