Bach Festivals

The summer is a time of festivals -- in Europe as much as in the United States. Just recently, one of these festival made negative headlines. At the 30th anniversary celebration of Woodstock, concerts were overshadowed by several fires. Fans went out of control, looting fast food stands. This is in strong contrast to about a dozen of other festivals one wouldn't even expect to see in America. These festivals are dedicated to a composer who lived before the United States was founded, and they have nothing to do with American pop culture. The composer in the center of these festivals is Johann Sebastian Bach, who enjoys immense popularity in the United States. Some Bach festivals are dedicated exclusively to Bach's music, while others combine the music of Bach with works by other composers. Some of them even include Jazz -- as long as there is some common theme with the music of Bach. Some festivals are so small that they appear to be family events, while others bring in artists and tourists from all over the world. Georg Hirsch has looked around for Bach Festivals.

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