DeLay Profile

She is the name behind big names. The list of her students reads like a Who is Who in the violin world -- Itzhak Perlman, Midori, Sarah Chang, Nigel Kennedym, Gil Shaham, just to mention a few. For more than five decades, Dorothy DeLay has molded future stars at the Juilliard School in New York. First violinists of renowned quartets and concert masters of famous orchestras have also gone through her hands, for example, Kolja Blacher of the Berlin Philharmonic. 81-year-old (in 1998) Dorothy DeLay cannot name any particular concept for success. Maybe she is so efficient because she allows her talented students enough freedom to develop their own style. In any case, young violinists from all over the world practice until their fingers are sore to become her students. Out of hundreds of highly-qualified applicants, however, only a handfull of new students are accepted each semester. Georg Hirsch went to New York to talk with the violin teacher of the century.

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