Classics on Internet for DW

Deutsche Welle has always sent its programs all over the world, but now its radio shows permeate even the most remote places in the world, or even German living rooms -- thanks to the Internet. Every computer owner who has a modem, a telephone line and a contract with an Internet provider can download the web page of Deutsche Welle. The web page offers program information and news casts that are audio streamed. In addition, there are music programs that can be heard online. This makes Deutsche Welle one of the first radio stations that offer music over cyberspace, and one of the very few not based in the United States. America is the country where most experiments with sound online happen, and classical music programs on the Internet were one of the hot topics at the annual convention of classical radio stations which took place from Feb. 17 to 21 in San Antonio, Texas. Georg Hirsch was there, spotting a Deutsche Welle music producer as well as a good number of music editors from American radio stations.

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