R. Levin

At age two, he chirped an aria from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni." At five, he attracted attention because of his perfect pitch, and he started taking piano lessons. At age twelve, he became a pupil of Nadia Boulanger, one of the most famous composition teachers of the century. Today, at 52, he is not a super star who appears at sports events or commands top fees, but he is one of the most versatile and communicative pianists of our day. Robert Levin not only plays a repertory that ranges from pre Baroque to Mozart and Boulez, but also plays jazz every once in a while. Besides that, he can freely improvise in the style of Mozart from melodies forwarded to him by audience members. Musicologists respect him as an expert on Mozart, and before he became a professor at the famous Harvard University near Boston in 1993, he taught at the music conservatory in the German city of Freiburg for seven years. He is currently performing in Germany (Luebeck March 7, Karlsruhe March 13), and his partner is violist Kim Kashkashian who teaches at the music conservatory "Hanns Eisler" in eastern Berlin. Georg Hirsch profiles Robert Levin.

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