Internet Radio

Music, information and entertainment are soaring through the air waves -- those who put it that way are describing the broadcast of a radio program, just in a flowery terminology. With the exception of cable radio, broadcasting used to be synonymous with the use of air waves. However, other ways of transmitting radio signals are popping up. Radio programs crisscrossing the globe reach their destinations not only via AM, FM, or short wave. Nowadays, they travel via internet, digitized telephone lines, or by satellite, and listeners will have more freedom than ever to make their own radio schedule. The number of programs is vastly growing, the sources of those programs are often unclear, and the plethora of programs has at least two consequences -- listeners will have almost unlimited choices, and among broadcasters, everybody is competing against each other. Internet and satellite radio eliminate international borders. A majority of the technical developments starts out in the United States, and Georg Hirsch has plunged into the floods of information that the new radio media have to offer.

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