Racial Law

Rumors and counter rumors are going around about a dire document from Nazi Germany. On the weekend, American newspapers announced that a type-written original script of the Nuremberg Racial Laws had been found in Los Angeles. With these laws, that were written and ratified on a weekend in September of 1935, Hitler stripped the Jews of German citizenship and prohibited any form of relationship between Jews and so-called Aryans. The document that marked the beginning of the Holocaust was supposedly stored for 54 years in a private library in Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles. As of tomorrow (Tuesday), the public will have a chance to see it for the first time. It will be exhibited at the Jewish Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. But today, there was another announcement coming from Nuremberg, saying that the original script has always been in the municipal archives of Nuremberg. This is at least what historian Hans-Christian Taeubrich says. Taeubrich presides over the establishment of an archive focusing on Third Reich issues. Who has the true original? Georg Hirsch collected voices from Nuremberg and Los Angeles.

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