Good or Evil U.F.O., Feature HR

Hessischer Rundfunk is reaching an ever increasing audience. Those who want to know more about radio or television programs, or about the staff behind the programs, and those who want to get the latest news from Hessischer Rundfunk can do this at any time and any location, thanks to the Internet. Every computer owner who has a modem, an extra telephone line and a contract with an internet provider can pull up the web page of Hessischer Rundfunk. Those who have the software to get sound can even listen live to channel three of HR. However, the competition is not sleeping. The United States in particular is a source of many radio programs, with a wide edge in music programs. Even classical radio stations send their programs into cyberspace. But their expansion is not restricted to the internet. The choice of programs will soon be increased by new radio sets that can receive satellite programs without the need for a radio station as transmitter. So far, there is no such satellite connection between the United States and Germany, but one thing is for sure -- the number of radio programs is increasing almost indefinitely, and competition over listeners is getting stiffer. Georg Hirsch, a music correspondent in America, has plunged himself into the flood of new radio media.

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