Robert Craft

The list of celebrities he has not met seems to be longer than the list of those whose personal acquaintance he made. People he met include John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, Albert Camus, Ingmar Bergman, and - first and foremost - the crème de la crème in the music world. Robert Craft, a conductor by trade, owes his eventful life to a friendship with composer Igor Stravinsky that began when Craft was a 23-year-old student. Stravinsky invited the young Craft to accompany him on trips while introducing him to his new works. Robert Craft has conducted his music ever since, and he is still involved in the production of recordings. Besides that, Craft has written books about his experiences. Two of them were recently published in German translations. "Stravinsky - Chronicle of a Friendship" and "Stravinsky - Glimpses of a Life" entered German book stores in March. "Glimpses" is a collection of essays, while the "Chronicle" is a diary amended by retrospective remarks. The "Chronicle" includes descriptions of the impact that post-war Germany made on Stravinsky. Georg Hirsch spoke with the author, Robert Craft.

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