Fantasia 2000

"Music teacher" Mickey Mouse -- the idea caused an uproar 60 years ago, and now it has been taken up again. Back in 1940, the Philadelphia Orchestra led by Leopold Stokowski recorded the soundtrack of a cartoon called "Fantasia." Works by Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other famous composers were played as excerpts or in toto. On the screen, both abstract pictures and coherent stories were shown to fit the music. The most famous segment featured Mickey Mouse as a sorcerer's apprentice, along with Paul Dukas' symphonic poem. Disney's latest music cartoon is a sequel called "Fantasia 2000," and it was released on January first to a handful of selected IMAX theaters. Speyer is the only German city where Fantasia 2000 can be viewed, but in the United States, it runs in about 25 theaters. James Levine, the artistic director at the Metropolitan Opera and chief conductor at the Munich Philharmonic, is the conductor of the new sound track. Georg Hirsch saw the new music cartoon and spoke with the conductor.

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