Ohnesorg Controversy

Curiosity and fascination greeted German music manager Franz Xaver Ohnesorg when he entered the scene in New York. Having served as artistic director at the Cologne Philharmonic, Ohnesorg became the new artistic and managing director at Carnegie Hall. The honeymoon, however, is over. First, a group of former and current employees attacked him in an anonymous letter to the American press, and the altercation reached a new level when swastikas were found scratched inside Carnegie Hall. Ohnesorg's arrival in New York had been preceded by his reputation as an energetic and risk-taking manager, and violinist Isaac Stern had used his position as the president of Carnegie Hall to support Ohnesorg's appointment. The authors of the anonymous letter, however, accuse him of lack of stewardship and fiscal mismanagement. So far, Ohnesorg's opponents have only spoken anonymously, but Franz Xaver Ohnesorg spoke with Georg Hirsch.

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