Ohnesorg - Music of My Choice

Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, the outgoing executive and artistic director at Carnegie Hall and incoming general manager of the Berlin Philharmonic, has experienced music from a variety of angles. At age six, he clung to the radio when it was honoring the late conductor Wilhelm Furtwaenger with some of his most beautiful recordings. As a teenager, he caught attention as a gifted flutist who won two international competitions. When he was 31, he made a leap into the cold water, becoming the managing director of the Munich Philharmonic. As director of the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, he helped Cologne gain international reputation as a music center. His position in New York, which he held from September 1999 until March 2001, put him in charge of what is probably the most-regarded concert hall in the world. Prior to Ohnesorg's move from New York to Berlin, Georg Hirsch asked him to select music pieces that have had a specific meaning in his life.

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