Parsifal in Washington

Two foreigners are guiding the opera house in the American capital - Heinz Fricke, the former chief conductor at the Berlin State Opera, became music director at the Washington Opera nine years ago, and six years ago, the Washington Opera appointed star tenor Placido Domingo as artistic director. Their paths, however, seem to cross only sporadically. Domingo not only travels from continent to continent as a tenor or part of the Three Tenors, but he also conducts, and he just took on the leadership of another American opera house when he became artistic director of the Los Angeles Opera. As a result, it took six years for Fricke and Domingo to appear together in an opera performance in Washington. It happened on November 4th, at good last. Those who came to a Parsifal premiere saw Fricke conducting, while Domingo sang the title role. Georg Hirsch observed their artistic cooperation.

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