San Francisco Symphony

Several American orchestras took advantage of the low EURO dollar this year, and yet another orchestra from the New World is ready to tour Europe. The San Francisco Symphony is making as many as six stops in Germany (9/1 Baden-Baden, 9/6 Cologne, 9/7 Duesseldorf, 9/9 Hannover, 9/10 Braunschweig, 9/13 Frankfurt). This orchestra is not among the so-called "Big Five," but its size still places it among the top ten, and it may be the most unique among all major American orchestras. Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas does not shy back from experimentz. Three months ago, he hosted a festival for rarely-performed works that lasted for two-and-a-half weeks. He has had his orchestra play with rock groups like the Grateful Dead and Metallica, and German audiences will hear the orchestra with some daring noises from American composers. As a young man, Tilson Thomas often sought musical advice from Aaron Copland an Igor Stravinsky. At the same time, he holds the German musical tradition in high esteem. Georg Hirsch visited the unusual orchestra and its multi-faceted maestro in San Francisco.

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