Deborah Voigt as Aida

The tickets for the Aida premiere were immediately sold out. The Metropolitan Opera production has existed for twelve years, but the interest has been rekindled as Luciano Pavarotti is taking over the role of Radames. It has already been a few years since the star tenor complained that "people are waiting for me to fall off the stage." Now, people have to get accustomed to the idea that they might not have too many more years to see him live on stage. Other artists in today's performance are at the peak of their careers. One of them is Deborah Voigt, a soprano from Chicago who is starring as Aida. She experienced a sharp rise during the 1990's, when she became a regular guest at the Met. German opera houses such as the ones in Dresden, Munich, Cologne, or the Deutsche Oper Berlin, have also discovered her talent. She is at home in the Italian as well as in the German-language repertory. Georg Hirsch saw Deborah Voigt at the premiere performance of Aida, and he had a conversation with her.

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