Renate Behle

A music professor from Hamburg just made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera. Renate Behle, who teaches at the School of Music and Theater, sang the title role in a Fidelio performance on Thursday (1/11). It's a new highlight in a career that started slowly but seems to blossom as the singer approaches her mature years. The native of Graz, Austria, pursued her studies in music concurrently with studying history and philosophy, before working her way up as a mezzo in German opera ensembles. For 15 years, she was on the roster of the Hanover Opera before she finally set out to conquer the world. Today, she is an internationally-renowned dramatic soprano whose specialty is the German repertory. Her strong suits include works by Richard Strauss, and her signature roles in the Wagner repertory are Bruennhilde and Isolde. She is also an experienced Fidelio - the role that has now brought her to the Metropolitan Opera. Georg Hirsch watched Renate Behle's debut at the Met and talked to the artist.

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