Dave Brubeck

"Take Five," a piece written in five four, is his most famous work. Dave Brubeck, one of the leading jazz pianists of the 20th century, was to become a cowboy when he was young, as his father owned a ranch in California. But he was also introduced to music early in his life, since his mother taught piano lessons at home. Dave Brubeck explains his interest in complicated rhythms with the polyphonic hoof clatter of the horses he rode on his father's ranch, and he attributes his love for classical music to Johann Sebastian Bach, whose music he heard when his mother was teaching. As a young man, Brubeck became a composition student of Darius Milhaud's, and later, he wrote pieces for orchestra, as well as a string quartet. Dave Brubeck, the versatile musician, celebrated his 80th birthday last December, and he continues to travel America and Europe as a pianist. Georg Hirsch visited with Brubeck at his rural residence north of New York.

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