Maazel to New York

For two weeks, it was speculation, now it's fact - Lorin Maazel is Music Director Designate at the New York Philharmonic, starting his new job in the fall of 2002. The 70-year-old conductor, who will be leading the Bavarian Radio Orchestra in Munich until the end of 2002, is succeeding 73-year-old Kurt Masur. The New York Philharmonic is already the second "Big Five" orchestra for Maazel, the former child prodigy who began playing the violin at age four and who made his conducting debut at the age of nine. He was Music Director in Cleveland from 1972 until 1982. In addition, he led the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra from 1988 until 1995. Hiring Maazel, the New York Philharmonic opted for an American conductor, who is nonetheless a conservative with strong ties to the European repertory. Georg Hirsch reports.

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