A 'Stradivarius' From Texas

The Stradivarius is to violin lovers what a Rolls Royce is to car lovers. Due to its age, however, the violin is even more costly, as a top Stradivarius can reach eight-figure prices. Some are in private possession, resting under glass. Others are played by star violinists like Isaac Stern. Many violin makers have unsuccessfully tried to recreate the sound of the Italian instruments which were built about 300 years ago. However, a biochemist in Texas says he has revealed the secret of the Stradivarius. He builds violins according to his own findings, claiming that they have a quality of sound comparable to a Stradivarius while being much cheaper. Their price ranges between $ 3,000 and $ 50,000. Georg Hirsch spoke with the music-loving chemist and gathered sound samples of his violin.

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