Orff in New York

The Bavarian Radio Chous made an important debut this week (We., 5/16) - it appeared for the first time in America, performing music by the German composer Carl Orff. The concert was part of a symposium entitled "Carl Orff in New York." The weeklong event, which will end on Monday (5/21), is sponsored by the Orff Center in Munich, the German Music Council, the New York branch of the Goethe Institute, and the American Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra's music director, Leon Botstein, conducted the Bavarian Radio Chorus in their American debut in a program featuring Orff's "Catulli Carmina" and "Trionfo di Afrodite." Both works are considered part of a trilogy that also includes "Carmina Burana." Although "Carmina Burana" it is the most famous piece by Orff, it was not performed during the symposium, as its organizers wanted to cast a new, fresh look on Orff. Georg Hirsch attended the American debut of the German choir, and he also followed the discussions around Orff.

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