All the Wagner You Can Get

The annual Wagner Festival in Bayreuth is, once again, a dominating topic in music circles. Those who weren't able to get tickets - probably most opera fans as the demand is notoriously high - can find comfort. There is a CD ROM with all Wagner operas for sale on the Internet, for as little as $ 8.50. The deal comes from California, the home of a former rocket scientist by the name Mike Richter. He combines his technical skills with his love for the opera by producing CD ROM's with German opera collections, master classes by Maria Callas, compilations of recordings with Italian baritones, and many other rarities. He distributes his CD ROM's through the Internet at $ 8.50 each, and in addition, his web site ( also contains detailed instructions on how to burn a CD ROM. Richter says his advice and his goods are so cheap because he has no interest in making a profit. Georg Hirsch has the story.

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