Rudel 80 Years Old

At age 17, he fled to America to escape the Nazis. Today, he is one of the world's highest-regarded conductors, conducting some of most renowned American and Europan orchestras - Julius Rudel (emphasize the 2nd syllable), born in Vienna as Julius Rudel (emphasize the 1st syllable) on March 6, 1921. Rudel led the New York City Opera for 22 years, using his position to introduce European and American repertory of the 20th century. He also discovered singers like Beverly Sills, Tatjana Trojanos, Placido Domingo, and Samuel Ramey, all of whom would turn out to become world stars. Today, the New York City Opera is the second largest opera house in the United States, while Rudel is a regular guest conductor at Number One, the neighboring Metropolian Opera. During the past weeks, he conducted seven performances of Massenet's opera "Manon," and he is also conducting operas at two New York conservatories. Julius Rudel, who turns 80 today, continues to care about the future, as Georg Hirsch found out in a conversation with Rudel in New York.

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