Sleep Concert

There is music to relax, music that helps people sleep, and music that revitalizes them after waking up. But what about music to be played while the listener is asleep?? That doesn't sound too exciting, but Californian composer Robert Rich has written a piece for this very purpose - to be heard while a person is asleep. Rich recorded his seven-hour concert on a DVD, a carrier of digital information that usually contains both sound and pictures. Being designed for films, a DVD can hold as much music as several CD's. Therefore, a user can play a DVD throughout the night without having to press any button. Rich's concert is entitled "Somnium," which is the Latin word for sleep. A seven-hour concert on a DVD is very practical if the buyer really wants to sleep through the concert, but what for? Well, 37-year-old Rich has pursued his interest in experimental rock music since his teenage years, and he also studied psychology. Georg Hirsch spoke with him, and he also listened to some samples while being awake.

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