Caffe Taci

Italians love the opera - bakers and bar tenders alike whistle or hum their favorite Verdi and Puccini arias while performing their work. An Italian by the name Leopoldo Mucci, who lives in New York, has provided hands-on experience with opera for the past six years. In 1995, he opened a restaurant at the corner of Broadway and 100th Street, calling it "Caffe Taci." Since then, young singers have performed live at the restaurant. Opera night is every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and most of the performers are still in the early stages of their careers. Sometimes, however, seasoned professionals will show up, since they enjoy the casual atmosphere of the Italian restaurant. All this has made Caffe Taci a hot spot for local opera lovers, as well as for tourists. Georg Hirsch visited Caffe Taci.

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