Music life in Washington, D.C., has picked up a lot over the past few years - Placido Domingo is artistic director at the Washington Opera, drawing world stars en masse, while the National Symphony Orchestra has stepped out of the shadow of other leading American orchestras, making an international reputation for itself. In the realm of ballet, the American capital can even compare itself to New York, which is ten times bigger than Washington. There is a concert presenter with non-profit status that has been a major force behind this dramatic improvement. On one hand, this presenter is uniquely organized, on the other hand, it's a perfect example of how American culture works. The Washington Performing Arts Society was founded in 1966, in a time when Washington was considered culturally insignificant. Back then, the Washington Performing Arts Society was helpful in getting some concerts of importance into town. Today, it has connections to a variety of cultural venues, introducing all kinds of audiences to all kinds of programs. Georg Hirsch reports.

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