Jazz Foster

New York has a rich history of hosting the greats of jazz - during the 1920's, Duke Ellington moved from his native Washington D.C. to the Apple, and it wasn't long before Harlem went down in history for its jazz bars. New York has been home to many famous jazz musicians, including Dizzie Gilespie, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, and Wynton Marsalis. Al Foster, a drummer who used to play with Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. Foster, began his career in New York. He has several brothers, including Derrick, who goes by the nickname "Jazz." Playing the saxophone, "Jazz" Foster makes a living of hs music, just like his brother. His career, however, is not as glamorous as Al's. His patrons are passengers of the New York subway, since Jazz plays almost exclusively in the subway stops; most notably at times Square or 4th Street station, where people flock by in huge numbers. A look at his life showcases the hardships that musicians may experience if they cannot make it to the top. Georg Hirsch interviewed Jazz Foster on a park bench in Harlem, gathering some strikingly candid comments.

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