Dennis Chmelensky

Millionens of fans in Germany will likely remember the chubby-cheeked face with the canny smile that belonged to Dennis Chmelensky, who came to fame about five years ago. After winning a gold medal in the boy soprano division at the German national competition "Jugend Musiziert," he was invited to participate in the German TV Show "Super Talent," had more television appearances, was given a contract wtih the record company Sony and appeared as an actor in two movies. By now, Dennis Chmelensky is 18 years old, and the former child star has escaped from the show business in Germany to obtain training as a classical singer at one of the best conservatories in the world. It is the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, which counts stars like Leonard Bernstein and Lang Lang among its alumni. Georg Hirsch tracked Dennis Chmelensky down in Philadelphia during a voice lesson.

Listen (in German)

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