Royal Opera House Oman

Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Covent Garden in London, Metropolitan Opera in New York, La Scala in Milan - all these are big names, and those who love the opera and have enough cash on hand, may stop by at these places on a regular basis to see top quality in various styles. For the past two years, a new place has been on the agenda of opera connoisseure: In Oman, the desert state at the Persian Gulf, a new opera house opened in October of 2011, and that place is eager to catch up with the top league opera houses. The Royal Opera House, located in the Omani capital, Muscat, was donated by Sultan Qabus, who has ruled the country since 1970 and who has the reputation of being a big fan of classical music. The Royal Opera House Muscat offers a mix of Western classical music and traditional Eastern music, and the General Manager is a lady from Germany. The ambiente is exotic by Western standards: Offending the Sultan is against the law, and the citizens of Oman don't have to pay income taxes. The temperatures are still over 100 degrees in the fall, but artists from all over the world appreciate the new platform in the Middle East. Georg Hirsch also ventured into the heat to visit the opera house in Oman.

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