Van Cliburn Piano Competition Feature

In 1958, a 23-year-old American did the impossible: In the midst of the Cold War, Van Cliburn won the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow. Four years later, a new piano competition was held in his honor in Texas, Van Cliburn's home state, and it was named after him. The Van Cliburn Piano Competition in Fort Worth has been long considered the most important one in the United States. This year, however, it was overshadowed by the death of Van Cliburn, who died in February at the age of 78. In the past, all medalists had been in for to intense and friendly talks and exchange of thoughts with the flagship figure of the competition. This year, the price award ceremony was only accompanied by a film about the idol. On the upside, this year's audience saw a convincing first price winner, and exciting new talent could also be found among the other five finalists. Georg Hirsch showcases the six top-ranked candidates of this year's Van Cliburn Competition.

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