Van Cliburn Piano Competition

One of the most important piano competitions, the Van Cliburn Competition which is held only ever four years, ended in Fort Worth, Texas. The gold medal comes with a $50,000 prize and three years of career management. The winner this year was a 26-year-old pianist from Ukraine. Vadym Kholodenko not only took the gold medal, but he was also awarded a prize for the best chamber musician and one for the best interpretation of a new work, which increased his wealth by another 11,000. Only one thing did not happen for Kholodenko: All medal winners of the competition since its inception in 1962 had been able to look forward to friendly and deep conversations and an exchange of thoughts with Van Cliburn. But the patron of the competition, who rose to fame overnight in 1958 when he won the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, died in February. Georg Hirsch observed the Van Cliburn Competition in "Year One After Van."

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