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neue musikzeitung

June 2013:
"The Gospel of Mary Magdalene - World Premiere at the San Francisco Opera"

"Wagner in America - World Premiere in Washington, D.C."


March 2013
Hirsch, G./Li, H./Lutz, S. (2013): Steueradäquate Ermittlung der Verzinsung konzerninterner Genussrechte als Herausforderung für die Verrechnungspreisbildung, in: Controlling, p. 177-182 (March 2013)
(Tax-adequate Determination of the Interest Rate for Intercompany Profit Participation Rights as Transfer Pricing Challenge)

tax notes international:

October 2012
Erin Collins, David Chamberlain, Georg Hirsch, U.S. Transfer Pricing: Ups and Downs on Amended Returns, 68 tax notes international 3 (October 15, 2012)

Der Steuerberater:

October 2010
Looks, C./Hirsch, G. (2010): Funktionsverlagerung – Regierung kommt der Wirtschaft entgegen, in: Der Steuerberater, p. 350-352 (October 2010)
(Functional Transfers - German Government Accomodates Corporations)

BNA Tax Management Transfer Pricing:

March 2010
Georg Hirsch, OECD Drafts Improve Company Flexibility in Economic Downturn, 18 BNA Tax Management Transfer Pricing 20 (March 11, 2010)

February 2010
Christian Looks, Georg Hirsch, A Lighter Transfer Package? German Government Proposes Reversion of 2008 Rules, 18 BNA Tax Management Transfer Pricing 19 (February 25, 2010)

September 2009
Sean F. Foley, Christian Looks, Georg Hirsch, Restructurings and Mechanics of the New German Exit Charge, 18 BNA Tax Management Transfer Pricing 9 (September 24, 2009)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

March 2006
Bruce, C./Hirsch, G. (2006): Ausländer sollen zur Kasse gebeten werden - Potentiell kostspielige Aufgabe des US-Niederlassungsrechts, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, No. 58, p. 13 (March 10, 2006)
(Foreigners Beware - Abandoning U.S. Residency May Become a Fiscal Trap for the Unwary)

BNAI Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing:

October 2005
Georg F. Hirsch, New German Rules Compared to Their U.S. Counterparts, 6 BNAI Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing 8 (October 2005)

International Enforcement Law Reporter:

September 2003
Georg F. Hirsch, Germany’s Code of Crimes Against International Law, 19 International Enforcement Law Reporter 343 (September 2003)

The Washington Post:

Review of a solo recital of pianist Ariana Barkeshli

Review of a solo recital of Pianist Adam Neiman

3 Klang:

July 2000
Bach Beats "Bad Boy" -- American music in the Old and the New World
"3 Klang" was a print magazine published by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) between 1995 and 2002.

Music Notes, a publication of the Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio (AMPPR):

Spring 1999
"Courage Pays" - Highlights from MC 37 in San Antonio

ARD television:

"A piece of America -- George Gershwin's Centennial"
7 minutes, for a cultural program called "Titel, Thesen, Temperamente"
Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and aired nationwide

"The Comeback of Detroit -- Cultural Institutions boost the economy"
7 minutes, for a cultural program called "Titel, Thesen, Temperamente"
Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and aired nationwide

klassik komm.
Program book for the conference Sept. 6 - 9 in Cologne
"The American Orchestral Scene" (In German and English)

GEMA Nachrichten

July 1996:
"Cyberian Rhapsody -- Music on the Internet"

December 1994:
"Protecting Creativity in the Next Century" - CISAK-Kongress in Washington

Classical Music Online

August 1996:
"Falstaff at Wolf Trap -- For Beginners and Connoisseurs"

July 1996:
<"The Ballade of Baby Doe -- the 40th Anniversary"

May 1996:
"Charlotte Hellekant -- the Swedish Opera Star"

April 1996:
"Cosi fan Tutte at the Washington Opera -- Mozart's Humorous Opera About Fidelity"
"Spirituals and Broadway -- The American Traditions Competition in Savannah, GA."

neue musikzeitung

February / March 1995:
"Zutat: Mensch" ("Enhancement -- a Human")
Review of the CD "Bounce / Chansons d' Amour" with works by Tod Machover

December 1994 / January 1995:
"Side by Side"
Review of a CD featuring classical violinist Itzhak Perlman and jazz pianist Oscar Peterson

"Akrobatik" ("High Rope Act")
Revies of the CD "Elliott Carter: Eight Compositions (1948-1993)"

Fono Forum (German Record Magazine)

August 1993:
"Warten auf das Wunder" ("Waiting for the Myracle")
The Ninth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

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